Monday, January 20, 2014


Lacoste Spring-Summer 2014 Fashion Show


A resolutely straight line intersects another resolutely straight line. On a tennis court, the calibrated rigor of the stroke and the sharp whiteness of the line compose the space. For LACOSTE this season, everything begins with this line, a line that is also reminiscent of modernist ARCHITECTURE: all lightness and transparence. Lightness is indeed the real focus of this carefree summer. Materials are light, their volumes softening and stretching. Colors bring freshness, and trompe-l’Œil creates seductive flesh-revealing juxtapositions.

The white line is first introduced as piping, stroking the collar of a man’s jacket, on a polo shirt’s placket or following the length of an ethereal coat. It then becomes a band of almost transparent jersey that revisits the rugby dress, stripes contrasting with an opaque knit. Finally, it fully takes shape, set-off against subtle shades that, through the medium of heat-welding’s intangibility, outline the piqué front of a trench coat and underline the cut of a man’s jacket, the volume of a sports jacket and the narrow look of a skirt.
                By promoting fluidity without forgetting structure, Felipe Oliveira Baptista continues to flirt with the paradoxes of chic sportswear. Steeped in tennis, A-line skirts and wrap-over dresses swathe the body. Technical double-faced mesh and organza-like nylon shun codifications. The silhouette is free and yields to summer seduction, as the body slips into long and light layers for women and supple jackets and coats for men. The line is clear. Straight.

The look
Neither evening nor morning, but both at once. The engulfing lengths of dresses and outerwear. The precisely delicate cut of tunics and polo shirts. The sartorial elegance and laid-back sportswear of the menswear collection.

The LACOSTE palette classics are washed out by the white light of the summer sun. Blues and greens discover subtle half tones. Red gives way to variations of pink. Clay brown. Rosy beige.

Petit piqué as trompe-l’œil inlay. Jersey crepes for a soft touch. Brushed cottons. Thrown knits. Raw edge suede. Evanescent yet fully resilient nylon organza.

The graphic lines of the tennis court rework a trench or summer coat. A rugby dress with transparent stripes. A-line skirts and shorts. Parkas and jackets of an urban safari.

For women, two functional yet ultra-feminine bags cut in the iconic petit piqué leather brand the season. A hybrid piece suited to modern needs, the latest multiple-use « LMotion » stows away everything, starting with your tablet, and can be slipped in the new leather L.12.12 tote when not simply used as a clutch. Both come in the fashion show’s mixed color palette. Sunglasses are very feminine too, showing their rounded lines in tones of Havana brown, crystal and nude. Feet are clad in natural suede sandals that sport ultra-slim colored straps around the ankle and create sensuality by hiding very little skin. Also seen in the collection, a daintily urban running shoe.
For men, the bag lengthens into a flat satchel and elegant casual briefcase for the creative nomad. He wears a pair of classic square-frame sunglasses and an 80s revival sneaker, whose fresh shape and perforated leather acknowledge the founding spirit of a cool and thereby peerless era.


Cristie Kerr, Crystal Kay Williams, Leigh Lezark, Felipe Oliveira, Hanelli Mustaparta, The Misshapes, Tian Yuan