Thursday, March 20, 2014

Different Concept

What I wore?
shirt (H&M)
blazer, shoes (ICONIC)
pocket square (NEWLOOK)
sunglass (ZARA)
 menvelope (SM ACCS. MMSENSE)
One day, Two different concepts. Last Monday, 17th of March in Dubai, I was invited to a very prestigious event via White Label, to the Spring-Summer 2014 collection Press Preview of CREA Concept and JNBY at the newest shopping destination in Dubai, The City Walk.
 I just wanted to be more relax, feel the vibe of the 2 new labels concept which cam from different side of the country. I started with this amazing slim khaki pants, throw on this stripe black and white Henley, and of course to look dapper though in a casual way this dope beige jacket are just impeccable. More on the details, the mini polka dot pocket square really an eye catching, and the leather knot lapel pin are superb. There's no stylish guy will not love this pair of black tassel loafers, perfect for any kind of occasions, really matches with my dope menvelope that carries all my valuable stuffs like iPad, iPhone, busi. cards and etc. To polish the look, a white leopard print sunnies will do the trick.
Who will not mesmerize by this beauty?
#SELFIE #BurjKhalifa #TDM TheDubaiMall