Thursday, March 6, 2014

REISS SS14 Launch with a nod of French Riviera

REISS has recently launched their Spring- Summer 2014 collection with a nod to the French Riviera lifestyle of the 50s and 60s, at the magnificent paradise of Meydan Beach Club, JBR, Dubai last Wednesday, 5th of March.

The official debut of the well-tailored, stylish snapshot of high society style from around the globe. With the presence of the legendary dapper gentlemen David Reiss, whom i interviewed earlier before the launch of the amazing collection.
To design a range that captivates its customer by the calibre of design, creating interest and relevance throughout the season, for every type of climate and occasion. The collection house itself on the foundations of key elements of the menswear wardrobe. Lived in favorites and treasured classics are the main objectives.
Catering to the ever evolving motions of the modern man, the collection serves up garments to take him through the summer spectrum. Items reflect lifestyle choices outside of the catwalk- outfits we feel great and look great in.
The resort style of 1950s and 1960s film stars is key to gaining that sartorial elegance outside of the office walls, exuding the confidence and coolness of Cary Grant.
Dressing fancy and not fancy dress.
"Create your own visual style. Let it be unique for yourself yet identifiable for others."
- Orson Welles 1915-1985-
Eating out and cafe culture take the preference over the more formal lavish restaurants used in winter. While wine with seafood cooked in Le Creuset copper pans fulfills both of the taste palette and starts the color palette.
Eat well, Travel often.
"Develop an interest in life as you see it, the people, things, literature, music- the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself." Henry Miller 1891-1980
Weekend breaks are spent wandering the museums and art galleries of Provence, with Picaso, Matisse and Cezanne adding to the colour and print palette. An evening stroll to play Petanque or Boules blurs the divide in between formal and casual clothes. Cool, lived in favorites and layered pieces dominate. Sexy but comfortable.
Moroccan tiling and blown up geometrics create a push towards bolder prints together with the vibrant but delicate silk screen prints of Rambharos Jha, across shirts but also shorter outerwear, knits and jersey.
"...before there can be change there must be discontent. " Paul Bowles 1910-1999
Rejuvenate, reinvigorate. New fabrications are introduced to freshen up the mood for spring, the changing of the wardrobe. Home is your hotel living-living well at home...notable pieces include: slip on loafers and silk piped shirts.
sumptuous treats and indulge ourselves with delightful drinks while browsing the marvelous collections.
with the gorgeous twins Jen and Kate of
with pretty chic in denim and floral Jam of
lovely beautiful ladies, Kat of and Laura of
stunning ladies of REISS UAE, Robyn and Juvelle

BTS: Interview with David Reiss

"You look like a million dollar...I can literally put you in front of our (REISS) store" kind words from the legendary dapper man himself, David Reiss - the current owner of the British global fashion chain Reiss, which originated from a store in Bishopsgate that David inherited from his father Joshua.