Wednesday, August 20, 2014


 Autumn- Winter is the best time bring out that stylish heavy texture clothing item in your wardrobe, and time for that layering session in front of your mirror, the time to showcase your styling skills. Yes, we are in Dubai and literally we don't experience that long winter season, but we still enjoy this kind of creativeness, and H&M has all of the key pieces to spices up your closet, as they launch their AW14 collection in the H&M Studio at the Media One Hotel, Dubai last Tuesday, 19th of August'14 

For men, Autumn 2014 is about the wardrobe of the modern mod, mixing Parisian cool with the attitude of London and the sleekness of New York. The pieces are worn with a rebellious attitude, with updated biker and wool city coats. The collection will be sold worldwide and online from September.
“This look is straight from the city - an urban silhouette where the key details are in the pieces themselves. The zips of the biker jacket, the cut of the city coat, the stitching of the leather trousers all define the season,” says Andreas Löwenstam, H&M’s head menswear designer.

- Leather adds rock’n’roll spirit, from a black leather biker to leather trousers, while classics have new youthful energy, especially the check flannel shirt worn untucked.
- Staples are given a fresh update, such as the elongated bomber that extends to mid-thigh. Padded outdoor pieces add a sense of urban protection, while zips add sharp detail.
- The three-button blazer with skinny lapels works everywhere, from day to night.
- Crewneck sweaters in mohair blends add a contrasting texture, while tailored track pants are the trouser choice.
- Leather for the new urban outlook.
- Wool for 21st century updates traditional garments.
- Cotton for the sharpest shirts.
- Nylon and padded fabrics for future-now feel.
- Mohair blends for texture.
Zips as both functional and decorative items, traditional tailoring techniques, such as jet or welt pockets, hybrid garments fuse together the classics of menswear.
A strict colour palette for the city, focused on black, greys and whites.
Wool coat, biker jacket, elongated bomber jacket, white shirt, check flannel shirt, reinvented crewneck, tailored track pants, leather trousers.

 I absolutely hype all the pieces from the collection, as usual. From a Dapper Gentlemen to Rocker Up-town Guy, impeccable detailing from the moto-leather pants, boots and the transition to well-made blazers and dress shirts down to black brogues are just simply worth waiting for until September 04, of this year till it hit the online and Worldwide stores. 

While browsing the magnificent collection, got the time to mingle with my favorite PR's and Dubai Based Fashion Bloggers, since I just moved to the busiest city in the UAE (finally!)

with Ayman Fakousa of The Qode, Elif Okten of H&M Middle East and Andy Scott of AndyScottFashion Blog 

with uber gorgeous Sam Francis of Style Is Necessity
Double Dapper Male Bogger

with Elif and Karin 

with the stunning Kat Lebrasse of 

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