Wednesday, August 13, 2014


  I am a certified #CoffeeLover and there's no any place on Earth to get a amazing cup that field of happiness but Starbucks, aside from your daily dose of caffeine you can enjoy zipping while relaxing or just browsing in a very comfy couch or have a meaningful convo with friends in a incredible ambiance and cheerful greetings from the crew. 
Aside from having a full-time job and a full-time blog, I definitely need a energy booster to keep me wide and awake to keep my post up-to-date. Coffee is not just a necessity for me its my indulgence, whether breakfast, lunch, dinner or just for snack, i always hang-out at Starbucks. 

Few months ago at the World's Largest Mall,The Dubai Mall. Starbucks Reserve just launched, where you can find the World's exotic coffee bought and shipped from Farms that are exceptional in locations. Starbucks travel the World to discover some truly remarkable coffees- some available in very limited quantities. These very rare coffee beans are being roasted to bring out the unique flavours offered by the truly exquisite coffees. 
 The Clover brewing system uses innovative Vacuum-Press technology which pulls the coffee through a 70-micron filter, resulting in an amazingly flavorful rare cup of coffee. 

Kay, demonstrate to us how to use the Clover Brewing Machine that is very exclusive for the Starbucks Reserve. And she showed us the difference between the Zambia and Sumatra Coffee. Very informative and  i gain more knowledge about my favorite coffee. 

 Zamba Peaberry Terranova Estate is from Africa, it has a citrus aroma, apple and vanilla notes and a cocoa mouthfeel.

These handpicked peaberries- rare, single rounded beans- represent the final coffee crop to come out of Zambia's Terranova Estate, a longtime supplier of premium arabica beans fro some of their finest blends. 
Aside from the Zambia hot coffee  we tried as well the col Sumatra Blue Batak coffee, it is a smooth and earthy with deep, syrup body and sweet herbal notes. Its from Indonesia and very native taste like cheesy, chocolaty, savory herbs and spice. 

I have learned that after the ripest cherries are handpicked, they're painstakingly wet- hulled in small batches, and the unique processing method, which requires constant attention due to humid climate, gives the unroasted beans a distinct blue tint and contributes the complex herbal flavor, redolent of the lush, fertile land.   

 Massive thanks to Gaj and Sureesh for showing me around Starbucks Reserve. Keep that in mind guys that there's only 2 branches of Starbucks Reserve in the UAE, one in The Dubai Mall and one in the Shangri-la Hotel Abu Dhabi. So what are you waiting for #CoffeeLovers ? Get your daily dose of caffeines in one of the branches of Starbucks Reserve! 

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