Wednesday, October 22, 2014


We cannot deny the fact that this generation is the #Selfie Era, we're each one of us will not complete the entire day taking picture on ourselves and of course #Selfies. Even Kim Kardashian published a book in favor of this new addiction. And this madness become more viral that even the biggest name in the industry already involved to this craze. Sharing this to your friends thru social media platforms, but have you ever experience that there are some instances that your images are cropped? Yes, we do all victim of this and Microsoft came up with a better innovation of taking #Selfie without no hassle! A 5mp Full HD front cam with wide angle lens! how fascinating is this isn't it? last Tuesday 21st of October at the H Hotel Dubai,  together with media personalities and Tech & Beauty bloggers, Crisitna of Tinayums & Tamara of The Global Gazette, Microsoft and DABO&CO set us a great whole day itinerary to test the new NOKIA LUMIA 730/735 
Microsoft Team and DABO&CO was there to help us and familiarize with the phone, great gesture of loaning every each one of us of the NOKIA LUMIA 735 with complete accessories and the most popular thingy "Monopad" taking selfies to the next higher level!

my first #LumiaSelfie 

gorgeous & stylish Sharmila of Microsoft Team taking a #Selfie with me
Caught taking #LumiaSelfie at the Heritage Village
The Art of Taking #LumiaSelfie
I didn't manage to take a selfie in Bounce Middle East were the second pitstop of our itinerary, and before the Sun goes down, we went to 40Kong and enjoyed bites and refreshments! 
with Tinayums and Mark Ross, taking #LumaiSelfie at the rooftop 

isn't she lovely and stylish? meet Sharmila of the Microsoft Middle East Team
Natasha Northcote of Red Lips and Lace/ DABO&CO Team and Mark Ross
What a great fantastic day with NOKIA LUMIA 730/735, massive thanks to DABO&CO and Microsoft for letting us experience the ULTIMATE SELFIE EXPERIENCE and by accommodating us in The H Dubai Hotel. 

Find out more about the #LumiaSelfie share and join the craze by using the hashtag! 

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