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The GALLERIA is part of a new urban hub located within Sowwah Square. Abu Dhabi's most stylish district, on Al Maryah Island.

A vision of luxury brought to life- Elegant and glamorous, The Galleria is the result of a visionary collaboration between Gulf Related and Mubadala Real Estate & Infrastructure (MREI).

The Galleria is conceived to be the ultimate fashion and luxury retail destination in the Middle East. Supported by the joint venture partnership Gulf Related,
the development is set for success on the back of an exceptional track record in real estate development and strong professional relationships.

Last 29th of October, the grandest event ever happen here in Abu Dhabi as The GALLERIA  officially launch their Grand Opening, the premier shopping & dining destination. Glamorous and spectacular celebration in style, arts and designs. Since Abu Dhabi is making its way to the fashion world. A very prestigious, full of fabulous people from the city it self witness the extravagant showcase of style. 

I walk to the Black Carpet - media, public figures, special guests, celebrities & famous designers from different parts of UAE join together to witness the fabulous event. The amazing presentation will stir senses with a rich combination of style, design and augmented reality in a breathtaking showcase  never before seen in the UAE. Engineers at the forefront of new technology have developed reinterpretations of live model imagery with the very reality that spectators will see and feel on the stage.

The Galleria: A Showcase of Style infuses collections from luxury and contemporary retailers to craft distinct expressions for the show. Visitors are assured a sensational experience that perfectly accessorizes The Galleria’s avant-garde persona.

Run of events started at the reception in the Great Room and the Official Welcome, after the inauguration followed a marvelous Fashion Show at the Promenade. Engage, enchant, activate and allure.
The gorgeous Malika Omar serenades everyone with her amazing performance.
The Promenade - Fashion Show
After the show, some of the stores participated during the event and some of them visited by yours truly, they offer wide variety of new collections, treats and some souvenirs. I will make a blog for each stores that I have visit.
Michael Kors Store with Tina Yums and Grace
Take your photo via polaroid and serve as a souvenir
A very spectacular Grand Event, full of glitz and glam definitely an amazing experience and I absolutely enjoyed it. Can't wait to visit The Galleria once more and to have a taste a allure of luxury and style. The Abu Dhabi's new luxury shopping and dining destination.
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