Friday, November 22, 2013


The Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy is a premium and trend driven collection that draws upon all three sisters’ individual style, from Kourtney’s eclectic mix, Kim’s glam elegance and Khloé’s rock chic look – delivering something special for every style fan.
ICONIC has a unique spirit that sets us apart from other fashion stores. The brand represents a meeting point for fashion, innovation and lifestyle, where people of any age, gender or culture are welcome.
Sunday, 17th of November at the fashion lifestyle destination ICONIC store in The Dubai Mall, has officially launched the K Kollection for Lipsy with the very special appearance of the style icon Khloe Kardashian. Its a red-carpet exclusive event full of glitz and glam, were stylist, fashion bloggers and media icons gathered together for this much awaited collection launch of the season.
The Splash & Iconic CEO Raza Beig, the first being the super successful launch of Being Human at Splash & ICONIC, The Kardashian Kollection launch is the second successful celebrity association championed by the big boss himself.
Talking on the recent association, Raza Beig, said " High-street fashion and collaborations are an instant way to gratify customers with looks that their favorite celebrities own and wear. Splash & ICONIC forayed into celebrity brand associations with the launch of Being Human, a brand pioneered by Salman Khan. The Kardashians have a huge following in the Middle East and therefore it was a strategic move on ICONIC's part to launch the brand and host Khloe for the launch celebrations."

With more associations planned in the future ICONIC is all set to expand its wings and create a strong footprint on the retail map of the Region.
the stunning host SplashFashionTV Clare Geeves of Clare and The City with
The CEO of Splash & Iconic Raza Beig
with very gorgeous Fatma Al Bakry of 
The awesome crowd waiting for Khloe!
Avid fans of Khloe Kardashian
winners of Meet & Greet Khloe sanam_o and royalmhnoor 
HELLO Gorgeous!!! the arrival of the fashion icon Khloe Kardashian
The Ribbon Cutting with Khloe, Raza Beig, CEO Splash & Iconic and Nisha Jagtiani,
Business Head, ICONIC

About the CollectionThe collection will be available for purchase in ICONIC stores in the UAE &Kuwait retailing from 170 AED to 845 AED. Designed for Lipsy by Kourtney, Kim and Khloé Kardashian, the collection will feature a wide mix of high-end, trend driven looks, including a sequined biker jacket, tribal caviar embellished crop tops, lace jumpsuit and feather coats. Needless to say fail safe, go-to party dresses will not disappoint either with a variety of colours and bodycon styles that will become instant wardrobe staples.

with the uber gorgeous ladies of the night's event namely Robyn Percy of FIFTHRING PR and Natalie Sabel of
with Fatma and Mark Ross
Being a part of this glamorous event is such a great experience, in be half of my photographer Mark Ross, a massive thanks to Splash Fashion Sneha Gopal for the exclusive invites. Looking forward for more exciting and glamorous events. And a massive well done for this spectacular and very successful launch.

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