Friday, March 21, 2014


Maybe some of you might asking or having thoughts, where and how did I get my hair done? Now, you queries will be resolve! I CUT MY OWN HAIR, Yes! and im doing it for like a decade. Before, Zayn Malik and David Beckham rocks it, Paul Ramos did it. On my YouTube Channel The Style ChoreoTV I already did a Hair Tutorial Video that I uploaded last year month of May, it got 3K views and since my hair grown now especially the bangs reached its length that I really wanted, I am planning to make another updated video. So stay tune for that guys, in that case you have to SUBSCRIBE to my channel.  
My grooming set consist of a razor, scissor, hair trimmer, comb and a brush.
For the side and back of my hair, I am using the no.2 guide of the razor.
After using the no.2 guide on both sides and the back, to make it even, I am using the no.1 guide on the lower part of the hair.
Trimming scissor, this part is a little bit tricky, while cutting the top hair, it only making it thinner but the length stays as it is.
For the top portion of the hair, the length is 3-4 inches, while the bangs are more longer, approximately 6-8 inches.
If you have noticed, my beard are more fiercer makes look slicker and sexy, I suppose.

Stay tune on the next post on GROOMING Section on How I Style my Hair.

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