Thursday, May 15, 2014


Sleek back, brushed-up, faux hawk, The pompadour is an all-time classic hairstyle always on trend and here to stay, the perfect hairstyle for a busy guy like me, easy to manage and to style. 

I have been channelling this kind of hairstyle ever since and getting lot of compliments from it, especially when people ask me like "Which salon you go to?" "Where did you got your haircut?" "What style you telling to your haircutter?" but i always get same reaction when i answer them back "Im cutting my own hair!" Yes, you heard it right guys and i actually filmed it and put it on my YouTube Channel, TheStyleChoreo TV. I'm planning to make a updated version of it and don't worry guys, i will definitely keep you updated. 

You should have a perfect tool to make this happen, and so glad that i finally got my hands on to EIDEAL Swiftblade, impeccable dapper hair clipper that will always keep you groomed and stylish. 

I absolutely love the black and white polished look, remarkable design and super light-weight, definitely suit my style. 

A swifter way to get perfectly groomed! 

Designed for the discerning image-coscious man, EIDEAL has recently launched the Swiftblade, o pioneering gentlemen's hair clipper.

Fusing a sleek and stylish appearance with a light, easy-to-handle ergonomic design the Swiftblade is a premium clipper that is guaranteed to give a classic, high-performance finish, every time. Designed to deliver a comfortable and convenient cut, the four-step cutting system creates a salon-standard, personalized haircut to ensure your hair will never be out of place. 

So to achieve a sleek hairstyle in just a swift moves, visit EIDEAL retail website or pop into a stockist and grab swiftblade today!

So, there you have it Gentlemen, the answer for all your dapper queries, you will never struggle of going back and fort to salon just to achieve the haircut you want, but it takes a lot of practice to do it! and practice makes perfect. 

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