Saturday, July 19, 2014


It is just started with just a pair of jeans and shirt, couple of hats and ties, few belts and watches, and my obsession for shoes are not that quite massive, but since the Blogosphere had become as wide as the atmosphere (literally) i became more conscious on picking-up things that will definitely showcase my style as well as my blogging skills, i must say. And the few pieces became tremendous and absolutely a wide collection, from Suits, blazers and dress shoes, mostly dapper pieces. Some of them are gifting by the brands i work with collaborations, appreciation acknowledgement and some product reviews, and most of them are fruits of my hard-work and savings. And to the point that i really need to have a small room which i called the "Walk-in Closet". 

It was just a simple, tiny room when we moved in to our flat, in the reality it suppose to be the storage area where you store all the junks, stuffs and cleaning materials, well my creative mind engine was heat up and came up with a idea to transfer this rubbish room into a "Bespoke Sanctuary". Painted the walls in all-white and put a wall of mirror, wall of shoes and bags. 

 Create a sort-of like "Boutique" vibes in a small space, and the mirror trick making it a huge file of bespoke haven filled of dapper necessities. Hanging bars, shelves where i store my jeans and other accessories, On the top bar is where my dress shirts, suits and blazers placed. 

(If you are planning to put-up something like this set up, make use of hangers that are uniform makes it more organize and very pleasing. In my case, i used the Velvet Top and Clip hangers, sleek and gatsby look.)

 (Suitcase are definitely a must, to make sure it will not be crumpled and stay away from unnecessary stuffs like debris, odor and stains.)
 On the top of my mirror-wall are my Fedora hats, easy to grab and very visible and at the same time its gave more character to the closet itself. 
This dope divider shelve is from MAX, it holds all my dapper pieces from flower lapel pins, cufflinks, watches and fave scents. 

 Beneath it, shelves for my growing collection of pocket squares, watches and sunnies. and at the bottom is another shelves thats carries my hair products, glasses case, bracelets and some watches. 

 Behind the top hanging bar, is a small divider that carries my home clothes, and the full-view of my Wall of shoes and bags. By the way, the shelves, hanging bars and mirrors are from IKEA. 
 It is a great way to maximize the space with a limited area by using a lot of shelves, shelves and shelves. Impeccably showcase the amazing pieces of shoes, from tassel loafers, brogues and monk shoes. Making it look like so neat and tidy, the Boutique feel.

 And did i mention the door of ties and belts? Yes, it is. Colorful bow ties and neck ties and lot of belts and suspenders. 

 And right down under are my collection of boots, that i often use and waiting for the perfect season which is winter that doesn't stay that much long in the Middle East. 
The epitome of a well-groom Gentlemen, doesn't base on how he looks and how he wear a suit. Its on how he Live, Dine and Act dapperly gentlemen starting on how he organize his wardrobe as well. 

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