Sunday, November 30, 2014


Its the season again of gift giving, Christmas is absolutely upon us and left and right wonderful occasions but we are struggling to find the perfect gift for our love ones. There are so many ways to express your thoughtfulness to a person, you can buy them treats, send them postcards or just a simple message from any social media platforms, but have we forget the old traditional way of writing a letter to them in your most sweetest and sincerest greetings. In celebration of their 125th Anniversary PARKER shared this personalized pen for this season of thanksgiving.

With more than a century of meaningful gifts, PARKER is the perfect partner to cherish your loved one, say congratulation and show your appreciation during the festive season. The brand strongly values the art of gifting and has offered since 1888 unique and symbolic presents that can be passed down from one generation to the next. Love cannot be rushed. Neither should the choice of the gift to express your love.

This year, PARKER showcases its renowned craftsmanship and expertise in a selection of exquisite fine pens that perfectly marry luxurious sophistication with PARKER’s renowned writing technology. Each PARKER® pen is a guarantee of quality and innovative design, everyone deserves a timeless and meaningful gift that reflects the essence of this celebratory season. 

The PREMIER range contains some of the most prestigious fine pens from PARKER’s collection. Carefully assembled by hand, each fine pen combines precious metals and a solid Gold nib for the PARKER’s unique writing experience.

Made in France, the PARKER Premier Luxury Editions are perfect for the modern and sophisticated man and woman who want to make a bold style statement. The soft touch rubber effect lacquer, geometrical ‘ciselé’ pattern and metal engraving on both the Black and Brown Editions create an audacious and contemporary contrast reminiscent of European architecture with bold art-deco styling. Meanwhile, the fountain pen displays an 18K solid gold nib that complements the high-quality crafted materials and offers an exceptional writing experience. 
Parker Premier Luxury Editions Black or Brown

Inspired by European architecture. Reinterpretation of PARKER’s iconic ‘ciselé’. Soft touch black or brown lacquer with rubber effect combined with laser engraving and palladium or pink gold color. Palladium or pink gold finish trims.
Retail Price: Fountain Pen AED 2,200 - Rollerball AED 1,700 - Ballpoint Pen AED 1,500 

Timeless and Elegant, the Sonnet collection showcases more than a century of the brand‘s design innovations and unique expertise. This premium range is perfect to celebrate the special men and women in our life.
Dressed up subtly with precious sterling silver and fine pink gold finish trims, complemented by a rhodium-plated 18K solid gold nib, the Sonnet Chiselled Silver is a luxury writing pen for every sophisticated man and woman who want a unique accessory to match their elegance both in style and personality. The shimmering effect brings a chic twist to the brand’s iconic ‘ciselé’ facetted pattern with a unique and contemporary tactile rendering. 
Sonnet Chiselled Silver
Cap and barrel in sterling silver. Trims in pink gold finish. Retail Price: Fountain Pen AED 1,600 - Rollerball AED 1,150 - Ballpoint Pen AED 1,000 - Slim Ballpoint pen AED 1,000

Sonnet Brown Rubber Lacquer combines a surprising soft touch rubber effect lacquer with a reinterpretation of PARKER’s 'ciselé' pattern. Its sparkling geometrical lines play elegantly with the light whilst the whole pen conveys the strength of masculinity complemented with fine pink gold finish trims. Here is a stylish accessory to accompany modern men in their busy life. 

Sonnet Brown Rubber Lacquer
A soft touch rubber effect brown lacquer, complemented with a contemporary facetted pattern. Trims in pin k gold finish. Retail Price: Fountain Pen AED 1,000 - Rollerball AED 550 - Ballpoint Pen AED 360 

Established in 1888, PARKER has spent 125 years pioneering innovation, style and unique craftsmanship in fine writing instruments, giving consumers the confidence to write their own stories. Recognized worldwide for its use of high quality materials, PARKER puts its renowned expertise into every pen through rigorous testing and attention to detail. In 1962, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain awarded PARKER the Royal Warrant, a mark of recognition for PARKER’s commitment to the highest standards of service and excellence which the brand maintains to this day. PARKER is owned by Newell Rubbermaid and has a global presence in over 100 countries. PARKER continues to believe in the importance of writing, because the words we speak can be heard by many, but the words we write transcend. 

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