Wednesday, March 11, 2015


 To celebrate the global ‘Le Méridien Sparkling’ program as well as the weekend Brunch tradition in the UAE, Khaled Youssef was commissioned to photograph selected perspectives in the United Arab Emirates through the glistening lens of a bubble for unique exhibitions at Le Méridien Hotels and Resorts in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Fujairah.
 The Style Choreo was exclusively invited by the Seven Media team to try out this amazing whole new concept of brunch which is the Le Meridien Sparkling Brunch Infused with the timeless sophistication of European aperitifs, Offers the guests a modern twist to the traditional cocktail hour. Inspired by artists both local & international, Le Méridien Sparkling debuts with Syrian born photographer and poet Khaled Youssef. A new perspective on brunch.
 With array of various cuisines that we absolutely enjoyed, from meat to sea shells, from pasta to desserts and of course the night will not be as sparkling as it is without the different variety of champagne and wines.

 Serenade by an acoustic performance and some entertaining acrobats, this will be your kinda night from now on, enjoying sumptuous meal while having amazing entertainment like no other.  

 #PaulDineInStyle at its finest!

at Latest Recipe

Discover a new perspective on brunch. Join us on a sparkling journey with Le Meridien Sparkling Night Brunch at Latest Recipe. 
AED 375 - with house beverages

AED 250 - with soft drinks
AED 125 - kids 6-12 years | Free for kids below 6 

starting from Friday 6 March from 19:00 until 22:30. 

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