Friday, June 27, 2014


Its a stunning Friday morning and few blocks away from my building in Khalidiyah, Abu Dhabi. I had a spectacular Australian Breakfast at JONES THE GROCER, a exclusive invitation from the amazing TOH PR Team, courtesy of Charlie Masden. 

Jones The Grocer, presented a dynamic new approach, seamlessly fusing the growing cafe scene with a premium retail offering. Gourmet food products, often restricted to restaurants, became accessible for every day living.

This iconic store also hosted Sydney’s first and largest walk-in cheese room, an exclusive range of private label branded gourmet products as well as a select range of international artisan produced ingredients, jones the grocer quickly secured a reputation as the market leader for gourmet food.

The Style Choreo visited the one located at the Pearl Plaza Tower next to the ORYX Hotel Khalidyah, AUH.

It is indeed a love-at-first-sight when we enter, remarkable world-class service and warm smile welcome us by The Crew and Chris who really break the ice of a magnificent convo. Impeccable dining experience and  grocery at the same time is absolutely amazing. Wide variety of all-natural products and international culinary cuisines, what else you will look for in a cafe/ restaurants or grocery store? Jones The Grocer have it all. 

Refresh your taste buds with this juicy olives and sumptuous mortadella. 

Tried the World Cup special Menu which i really love, this Chicken Burritos really made my morning right and set a good vibe. And the tomato avocado salad is so fresh and nutritious. 

And Mark, had the Jones English Breakfast, consists of scrambled egg, meaty sausages rolled -in juicy bacon and the mushroom on side definitely a must-try. 

Industrial concept and with a mix of modern contemporary posh interior design, definitely a place where you can unwind and enjoy great gourmet foods. That's why no doubt that Jones The Grocer set the standards that's why they deserve to be on your Top List of Cafés need to visit. 

World-class chefs that truly deserves a recognition, creating great cuisines that's why no wonder customers are always keep coming back. Great service, amazing food and spectacular ambiance.

Get a sneak peak of their wide range of cheeses all around the Globe in the Walk-in Cheese Room, from mountain gorgonzola, gouda, and a lot more. and join the Jones Cheese Club check their Facebook page to know how. 

Delightful treats from Chris, took home some moist chocolate cake and cheesecake. 

Absolutely love the breakfast in style that we just had, so what are you waiting for guys? Visit your nearest Jones The Grocer and pamper your self with this wonderful café/ restaurant and grocery in one.  

Khalidiyah Pearl Plaza Tower, next to ORYX hotel 
Abu Dhabi, UAE 
+24° 28.13', +54° 20.43' 
See Map 
Tel: +971 2 639 5883 
Fax: +971 2 639 5886 
Trading Hours Sunday - Thursday 8:00am -11:00pm 
Friday, Saturday and Public Holidays: 9.00am -11.00pm

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