Tuesday, May 12, 2015


After a 2 week staycation in Ras Al Khaimah, i got back in #MyDubai with a bang! What a cooler way to spent your day at The Beach, impeccably stylish tour together with some of the finest bloggers in  the region to chillax, enjoy the white sand, blue sky and sea, indulge ourselves with the remarkable beauty of nature that Dubai has to offer, without being said the sumptuous treats from the caf├ęs & restaurants we visit. A bespoke experience at its finest only at The Beach, we absolutely enjoyed the day filled of fun and excitement!
 Traveling in style with our private buggy portering around the majestic sanctuary, started the the tour with this amazing healthy smoothy from Fruteiro, that will make you wanna ask for more!

 As summer is already upon us, its time to shape it up a lil bit. What a cooler way or should i say hotter way to begin with is this outdoor gym, while working out enjoy the amazing view of the beach and the Palm Jumierah. 

 Showing off this #Flatlay light breakfast at Leopolds of London our 3rd destination of the tour, lemme tell you that this is my fave cause aside from the sumptuous meal we had, we also had the chance to see the different methods of making a coffee. How to achieve several taste using only one type of coffee bean, how cool is that?

 Bettina Micu of Heels in Dubai Sand

What a great way to relax is to have a mini spa treatment at L'Occitane, the only branch in the UAE with SPA

 Delicious Thailand cuisines this is simply appetizing, spices up our afternoon.  

 Last pitstop, GODIVA! no words to say but this place is heaven. 

Massive thanks for having #TheStyleChoreo for this impeccable day at The Beach

#TheBeachDubai #ADayAtTheBeach

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