Monday, April 21, 2014



 RT Tateossian Cufflinks

Light-weight and masculine, titanium lends itself naturally to creative design. Titanium as a material is a low density and high strength. Its is highly resistant to corrosion. Titanium is often used in automotive industry, particularly in racing, due to its special endurance qualities.
Ruthenium is a rare transition metal belonging to the platinum group and it is very wear-resistant. Featuring the Tateossian signature pop clasp with ruthenium set against sterling silver that has been braided in Italy. A stylish, sleek piece combining different textures - a timeless classic!   

What I wore?
blazer, shoes (ICONIC STORE)
shirt, tie (H&M)
waistcoat, trousers (ZARA)
flower lapel pin (RIVERISLAND)
pocket square (SSQUARE)
cufflinks (RT TATEOSSIAN)
Montblanc Black and White Event in celebrating the 90 years of the Meisterstuck or "Masterpiece". it was held in the Rira Gallery, DIFC. Check out here the full blog.
Its is indeed a stylish black and white event, so my outfit really suit for it. I started with a white crisp shirt, with a matching knitted tie. A waistcoat or also known a vest, are impeccable in a way that it enhances the body structure, it also makes you slimmer and more well-dressed, paired with this navy stripe trousers, top it off with this beige bespoke blazer which I really love.
More into details, this will be the first time I'll feature my RT Tateossian cufflinks that I got recently from the King of Cufflinks, Robert Tateossian during my exclusive interview with him. Check out the interview here. Im a massive fan of Lapel pins lately and I'm rocking this black flower that really stands out and having my SSQUARE pocket square does the rest of the theme, edgy and intricate design polishes the look. For the shoes, my all-time fave the black tassel loafers, you'll never go wrong with black. Monochromatic I must say, as the look says it all.


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