Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Photography by Mark Ross 
What i wore: Eyewear (TRIWA), Shoes (CLARKS)

Casual day out with my new fave essentials, especially here in Dubai the sun is tremendous always on point we need some protection for our eyes but yet stylish at the same time, i recently got this amazing pair of sunnies from TRIWAmade with classic cuts, contemporary detailing and silhouettes carefully developed to flatter your features. Inspired by the short but vivid summer in Stockholm where, for a short period of time, the otherwise restrained colour pallet of the Swedish population grows adventurous. Perfect for any kind of outfit you want to pull-off in any occasion, this impeccable eyewear will definitely makes an outfit get them from Mojosa Concept- an international luxury accessory brand that is bringing Scandinavian Design to the Middle East through three different brands: Triwa, Louise Kragh and Story. Mojosa Concept was founded in the United Arab Emirates, Danish owned and is a multi - brand concept specializing in Scandinavian designed jewellery for men and women.

I started my outfit with a navy shirt and paired with a khaki pants, and the brown leather braided belt matches with my new CLARKS Gatley Limit tan leather shoes with stunning blue laces that irrevocably intertwined with my top. Incredibly comfy, with or with our socks, dress it down or dress it up, this pair of Clarks will absolutely take you around the city in style at its finest. 

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