Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The leading men's magazine in the Middle East, Esquire in association with Cadillac Arabia threw up a impeccable Gentlemen Evening, where all of the finest and stylish gents in town gathered together with their partners and muses to celebrate the most anticipated unveiling of the sleekest Cadillac 2015 ATS Coupe and had the chance to see the amazing designs of Velsvoir  and House of Nomad, and enjoyed the 360* Selfie how cool is that? 

 with the stylish & talented brothers behind the wonderful success of Velsvoir from London to Dubai Zubair, Zak and Talha Timol 

 Awesome performance before the unveiling...
 Presenting the Cadillac 2015 ATS Coupe
 with Nicola Addy of BRAG and Mika Ashraf of The Prada Shades
 finally meet Ahmed, co-founder of House of Nomad
The gorgeous Luiza Khabibullina of Penthouse One

Finally met Ascia AKF of The Hybrids 

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