Friday, November 28, 2014


 Are you craving for Sushi in the middle of the beach? Our favorite Sushi Art finally makes it way to the outdoor mall in JBR called The Beach, especially this season when the Arabian Gulf sun finally taken over by the winter sonata (in a bit), you can now have a dose of your favorite Japanese cuisines while embracing the sunny sandpit of Dubai. 
 Last Wednesday, 26th of November together with Mark Ross the Birthday boy! we visit and the dopiest of the ropest Sushi Hub in Dubai. From our last visit it was in The Galleria, Abu Dhabi here's the link >>>  Click here

 As always, I'm fascinated how the interior designs, furnitures setting the cool vibes every time i visit them. The modern contemporary, mixed with industrial and oriental pieces from Japanese lanterns, wooden walls, chairs & tables are irrevocably intertwined. 
 Look at this beautiful creations! Appetizing as it looks and so delicious when you taste it!

 We have tons of dosage of Tuna in different varieties.  Marinated Tuna Tartare for AED75 

 Wagyu Beef Sushi Miso sauce with truffle 22AED each & Salmon Sushi 8 AED each
 The Joël Robuchon newest collection with 6 Hawaiian roll, 6 Crispy lobster, 6 Spicy rbi roll 
2 seared scallops sushi. 154 AED
To complete our day, this assorted Mochi's will definitely set off the record and a lil bit of indulgences, a slice of Tiramisu will satisfy your cravings. 
 Awesome chefs making their business, culinary arts and Sushi art in a plate.
magnificent Chef Jove Sucgang, who made our sumptuous Sushis that we absolutely love!
The customer service here is always over the top and trained by the best Rodolfe

For more details, orders and timings please do visit : 

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