Sunday, March 29, 2015


As i reach another milestone in life, achievements and successful projects that i have accomplish through out the year thru blogging and in my personal life, another year have passed again. I never forgot where i came from and where i have started and i never fail to share it with others, in my journey though the Blogosphere i met a lot of people (thousands of them) whether from the fashion events, runway shows or just right beside the street. With all that being said, The Style Choreo just reached its second birthday and with some of Dubai-based Fashion Bloggers and friends we celebrated with a bang at KRIS KROS located at the stunning Downtown Dubai with a spectacular view of the World's Tallest Building, Burj Khalifa 
 Awesome ambiance, perfect venue for any occasion, sumptuous international cuisines to choose from, wide variety of drinks from Mojitos to Oreo shake while having shisha with friends or family enjoying good food and sharing fun conversations.

 And ofcourse, taking Instagram foodie photos...and photobombers on the side
 Mouth- watering delicacies that KRIS KROS has to offer, from delicious Italian Pasta to Grilled Steak with mashed potato on the side

 Appetizing Salmon with Avocado, looks so delicious as it appears wait until it touch your mouth and you'll be blown away... 


with Mariyah and Cristina
 Maryam of StyleMeJournal, Slava Noor of UAE in Style, Mika of The Prada Shades, 
Dmitri of DMI, Moe of Living in the Magazine, Cristina of Tinayums, Mariyah of Mahryska, Angela of Its Brown Sugar, Mohammad of Wetrendstyle and Bettina of Heels in Dubai Sand
Photo credit to Angela of ItsBrownSugar
This is how Bloggers eat their foods
Photo credit to Mahryska
Massive thanks to Expose Communications and KRIS KROS for the amazing day and hosting us for The Style Choreo's special day, and to all my Bloggers Friends for coming and spend the day with me
Photo credit to Mariyah of Mahryska
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