Monday, August 3, 2015



What makes a man is not only on the way he dresses but the way he carries himself by being well-groomed, tidy and fresh. Looking neat and clean is not an option for a gentleman, it's a must! Here are some of the grooming essentials that I've been using for the last couple of weeks and the results are amazing. 

  I normally wash my face every morning with cold water to freshen up my pores and use the SKINN Face Scrub with microdermabrasion beads that gently resurface the skin by removing dead skin cells and built-up impurities. After rejuvenating my skin, applying the SKINN Eye Cream minimizes puffiness, sagging skin, wrinkles and dark circles. Contains patented peptide Matrixyl, Shea Butter and evening primrose oil. Perfect combo for day and night. 

  If you are following me ever since when I used to have YouTube Channel, I posted a video on "How to cut my own hair" here's a blog post for it >>>  The perfect tool for it is the Eideal Swift Blade - know more about this razor here>>> 

  Aside from using the Eideal Swift Blade for my hair, I also use it for trimming my mustache and beard. Styling at its best and always on point. I use the LIERAC Homme Paris Mousse express shaving foam and shaving gel - protective moisture gel - anti- irritation. Keeping it suave in style at its finest. 

What's your grooming essentials? 

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