Sunday, August 16, 2015


After few strokes, why not continue the pampering with a luxurious spa treatment at the YHI Spa. Glamorous welcome with their fabulous receiving area with that signature scent, a space created for purification and relaxation. Where your body and soul meets, this is the place you'd rather be. From the therapeutic aroma, solemn harmony, heavenly touch and world- class service like no other, absolute indulgence at its finest. No doubt that this award winning spa received tons of recognition in the recent 2015 World Luxury Spa Awards as the Best Luxury Emerging Spa and because of the magnificent management of Mr. Tacaa, proudly pinoy who won the Best Manager to the said event. 

The best way to enjoy the night after a long day of shoots left and right, the Body scrub and wrap treatment is absolutely not bad idea, relaxing and rejuvenating. All my stress due to busyness are all gone.  Each wrap includes a complete exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells, improve circulation and absorption of the active ingredients used: Jasmine Rice Scrub, Mangoesteen Scrub, Coconut Scrub, Slimming chocolate body wrap, Vanilla body wrap.

Ultimate pampering with sumptuous Shell HILOT Massage. Hilot is a traditional way of medicinal touch, hands- on healing art that involves intuition and massage  from my home country the Philippines. To make it more efficient they are using this cowrie shells from the gorgeous island of Palawan, Philippines. Newest addition to their impeccable set of Spa menu. 

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