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Few weeks ago, The Hub launched in The Mall, World Trade Center in Abu Dhabi. The new premium indoor/outdoor dining destination, The See-And-Be-Seen crowd of Abu Dhabi have long been seeking a convenient spot where they can enjoy a power lunch with clients, gather after work, feast with friends, chill out to some relaxed tunes or ramp it up and party hard – all under the same roof.

The Hub is set to become the place to be, offering both residents and tourists alike a hip and trendy dining and nightlife experience, whatever the occasion or celebration.

One of The Hub's culinary destination is the Latin-American inspired bar & restaurant called BU!, originates from the Spanish word BU-enisimo, meaning exceptionally good, which is what people can expect… exceptionally good food, drinks and entertainment.

Absolutely stunning interior design, artistic pieces in every corner and the luxurious ambiance is over the top. Gorgeous pieces from floors, ceiling to walls, from spoon & fork to glasses and plates. Instagram worthy picture in one take and ofcourse the magnificent set of menu that we tried is simply amazing, continue reading to see where culinary journey took us

Revelers can expect flamboyant feasts, heel-clicking rhythms and flowing spirits that are set to revitalise the Abu Dhabi social scene. It’s a legend in the making…

Aside from the stunning in-door area and eccentric bar area, they have this majestic veranda with outdoor bar as well with the view of World Trade Center twin tower and the gorgeous city lights of Abu Dhabi at night

Before the grand launch of BU!, The Style Choreo was invited to try the best of the best on their menu and it doesn't disappoint  

We offered a great selection of Starter, first we had is the Botanas - roasted potato, classic Chimichurri. Next is the Los Crudos De La Barra, in English The Raw Bar, first is AGUACHILE/ Ceviche mixed of shrimps, cucumber, green tomato, jalapeƱo, red onion and tortilla oil and the next one is another type of Ceviche called ATUN with tuna, soy wasabi, lime, orange, green aji, sesame oil and red onion. We jump into another dishes called HUACHINANGO/ Tiradito - red snapper, mango, lime, passion fruit, coriander, garlic, red onion and red aji, PULPO is the next one, its consist of octopus, olive oil, garlic, coriander, white vinegar and paprika. 
Our table is perfect for the wide variety of dishes they have, we called it "The Foodie Blogger's Table"

We also had the ANTOJOS/Cravings - started from HUITLACOCHE ENVUELTO its a smoked tomato, corn mushroom and truffle oil. PESCADO PRITO - fried fish, onion, serrano chili and agave. FAJITAS DE PATO - its a plate of steam bun with duck, pepper and agave honey. 

On the side are QUINOA Salad and SALPICON its beef carpaccio, pickled veggies and tortilla chips

More dishes coming on the table and need more space for the belly, TACOS LAS PARADOS/ Homemade soft tortilla with dory fish, cabbage, chipotle, coriander, mayo and avocado (My fave so far!) and for the ARROCES/ Rice Dishes they have the ARROZ CON MARISCOS - its a mixed seafood with saffron and red peppers. 
They also have the COSTILLAS/ Black Angus Ribs- JERK with sugar cane, cinnamon, chives, habanero chili, cayenne and clove. Aside from beef, of course Chicken will not be out of the picture, they have the LAS AVES - POLLO ADOBADO its a corn-fed chicken with Caribbean dressing, sweet potato and dry chili sauce. Lastly for the meets, they have the LA PARRILLA/ From the Grill - its a 200 grams Black Angus Tenderloin with black peeper sauce and corn risotto & garlic mushroom on the side

And last but not the least, its time for POSTRES/ Dessert
Time for some indulgence and start from CHOCO CHILI MANGO its a chocolate chili ganache, mousse cake and creamy mango sorbet
Can't get over with CHEESE CAKE ALFAJOR a crispy nougat sandwich, Dulce De Leche cheesecake and crushed hazelnuts
What an amazing presentation of CHICHA MORADA, granita of purple corn infused with cinnamon, apple & pineapple with fresh tropical fruits and cotton candy on the top
Mexican head chef, Humberto Canales, takes to the culinary stage in a vast theatre-style kitchen where home and street-style recipes are injected with contemporary sophistication; succulent cuts of meat and fresh seafood are prepared to perfection using traditional grills and smoking ovens.

The Style Choreo took on an epicurean adventure celebrating authentic Latin American cuisine via a sharing-style menu which features the heady flavours of Latin America: from Mexico to Argentina, Peru to Brazil.

Innovative cocktails
The true spirit of BU! is to be found in its extensive bars - both indoor and out. The sensational drinks menu has been expertly constructed by the talented BU! team. The result is an exotic and visually exciting drinks selection, packed with imaginative cocktails inspired by the vibrant flavors of Latin America.

The opulent terrace - a large outdoor veranda where drinks will be served in opaque glass wear, speakeasy style - is a cutting-edge concept predicted to make a laudative impression with Abu Dhabi’s ultra chic set.

Flamboyant entertainment
Of course, no Latin venue would be complete without a soundtrack of exhilarating and energetic beats. Music sets the rhythm of Latin life, and so too at BU!.

BU!’s resident DJ, David Wachtel (aka Bass Maze) will be encouraging guests to get their smooth Latin groves on. He has been setting the mood at hotspots in cities like Barcelona, Chicago and Lima for the past 15 years. Hailing from Peru, he is a master curator of fine tunes from all eras and corners of the world and will create the perfect Latin vibe at BU!
Additional DJs, artists and bands from South America, London, Miami and the Balearic will also be making guest appearances. From rumba to samba, mambo and merengue, BU! is the place to let go and live life on the upbeat.

Weekly themed evenings such as Monday’s ‘HOLA CH!CAS’ Ladies Night and Tuesday’s ‘DESTINATION’ night – which will see BU! play homage to a dedicated Latin American country for the night – add to the energetic ambiance of this indefatigable venue.

Opening hours are from 12pm to 3pm for lunch; and from 6pm to 2am every evening on weekdays. BU! is open from 12pm to 3am on weekends.

For bookings visit or call 02 666 8066.

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