Thursday, April 7, 2016


All gents want to look great. Some of us doesn't want to spend more time in the mirror fixing themselves, but we are now living in the modern day dandy era were men are looking sleek and well-dressed (Most of us). Looking impeccably stylish and well-groomed man is not a trend, it's a must. 
We need to keep that slickness from suit to shoes and hair to beard. All men should have a powerful kit to keep us well-groomed at all times, always on point and smells incredibly sophisticated. Organic Beard Co. - a Dubai based company founded by Paul Wagenaar. To create over-the-top grooming products made from 100% organic and natural ingredients sourced from different cities and people from all over the globe is their mission

After soaking in the warm pool and had a hot shower to freshen up, every once in a while i trim my beard and mustache. I simply apply shaving cream in certain area that i wanted to shave

Right after i shaved, i apply a rightful amount of the Organic Beard Co. beard oil to soothes and moisten dry, red and itchy skin under the beard, i gently massage the beard & mustache and using the comb that comes with the set, i style it the way i wanted and to even the oil all over. It has different scents to choose from like Mint, Wood and Lavender which is my favourite

You can never go wrong by looking great and smelling great! This Calvin Klein scents are absolutely wonderful, the Liquid Gold Euphoria Men and Intense

Location: Zaya Nurai Island

Products: Beard Oil & Combs (Organic Beard Co.), Razor (Gilette), Fragrances (Calvin Klein), Bracelet & Cufflinks (BOXKnocks

Outfit: Tuxedo and shirt (F&F), Slippers (Bachelor Shoes) 

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