Sunday, July 21, 2013

Double Breasted Pocket Blazer

Another sunny day here in Abu Dhabi, we headed to IKEA, Yas Island for shopping 
stuffs for the house in the Philippines as I prepping for going back in my beloved country and to be more appropriate for the season cause its Ramadan, I started with a basic V-neck tee and a khaki trousers and a brown leather belt, as usual folded and on top of it a double breasted pocket blazer is perfect to look more dapper and stacking bracelet will never be out on my outfit cause its completing it and a lace bracelet similar to Bracialetti Crucaini is perfect to give a pop-up color, mixed it up with blue wooden beaded bracelets will spiced up your outfit. Sleek and sophisticated, a classic watch is a must- have for the modern day gentlemen and my Rimador swiss made watch are perfect for this look, to match the watch with a Murse - must have accessory for men. For the shoes I wore this brogue shoes the three- toned color are so perfect.
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