Monday, November 11, 2013

CUSTO Barcelona and Armand Basi

The Dalmau brothers, Custo and David, created Custo Barcelona in the early 80’s after a long trip during which they travelled all around the world. Their journey allowed them to discover not only new landscapes but the most varied of artistic, cultural and philosophical expressions.
Amongst the things they found to be most worthy of interest were the typically Californian style they saw on the surfers who lived in the southern part of the state and the psychedelic look they observed in the northern part. The brothers were impressed by the colorful and innovative fashion trends they came across, and in particular the style of the tops and T-shirts which didn’t exist in Spain in those days.
Using the above as a starting point, the brand was launched under the name “Custo Line”. The Dalmau brothers got to work and learned everything there was to know about printing techniques and finishings, paying special attention to graphic design, a field they felt particularly comfortable with. Through time, their research on the use of color and prints has given risen rise to designs that are innovative, bold and sophisticated.
Later on, all kinds of new garments were introduced to complement Custo Barcelona’s trademark printed tops, like skirts, trousers and coats, thus giving rise to complete collections.Nowadays it could be said that Custo Barcelona is a style in itself; one that, to a certain extent, embodies a specific lifestyle.
PURE CUSTO MEN 100ML - Fresh and Sophisticated
New Fragrance by Custo Barcelona. The top note sparkles with citrics such as bergamot, lemon and tangerine, contrasting with the floral note provided by neroli. Vegetal amber and cedar contribute masculinity and mystery.
The middle note reveals the exotic spirit of the fragrance with a floral nuance. The bottom note is elegant and sensual thanks to the blend of oriental notes, between incense and Tonka beans, with the strength of patchouli and the wild nature of musk.
ARMAND BASI women's fragrances
was born in 1987 as an international brand, incorporating both the cosmopolitanism of its birthplace, Barcelona and Mediterranean identity.
Imagination and quality are the essential components of its DNA, aimed at independent, professional men and women who love urban life, as well as unique and exotic places.
BY BASI, the brand's youth line is for the younger public free from complexes, and who demand the unconventional.   

I absolutely in-love with this gorgeous and enchanting smell, suitable for my style is the Glam Star because of its elegance and classy vibes giving by its scent, and comes the PURE custo Barcelona the neoprene cover of it is giving a mystery effect and when you open it, a fresh & sophisticated clear bottle will definitely brightens up your every morning.


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