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Finally, SUSHIART has make its way to the UAE's Capital, Abu Dhabi. Located at the newest stylish hub, allure of couture, where all the finest shopping and dining destination are located, this fashion forward Japanese Restaurant open its door at The Galleria, Sowwah Sqaure, Al Maryah Island. 

Founded in 1998, the brand has developed a unique menu, refined and perfected by a team of top chefs, which has impressed sushi enthusiasts worldwide. Lately, SushiArt has been particularly active, teaming up with fashion and music icons Kate Moss, Kenzo Takada and Lenny Kravitz to create special boxes and menus. 

"High standards, regularity, refinement:
 these are the values that i bring to SUSHI ART. 
We are on the same quest
 for simplicity and extracting the maximum flavor
 from ingredients." 
Joel Robuchon

The Parisian Chef Joel Robuchon, with the most Michelin stats. Voted Best Restaurateur in the World 20 years ago by the international Herald Tribune. Passionate about Japanese Cuisine, Joel opened 6 restaurants in Japan where he offers a mix of local cuisine and French culinary knowhow. This year, he has developed seven exceptional recipes for Sushi Art. 

Edgy, modern, eccentric interior design brings out the luxurious vibe to SUSHIART, perfect for a "Art in a Plate" in this stylish hub, Parisian meets Japanese concepts that irrevocably intertwined. 

Stunning Japanese lantern with a modern twist, the wooden artistic chairs and tables. Futuristic industrial atmosphere will definitely amaze your eyes with the spectacular ambiance. 

With a wide variety of SUSHIs to choose from, created by the most talented Chefs of SushiArt Abu Dhabi. Simply the best at its finest. 

The Stylish Parisian Operational Manager, Rodolphe Bonnet 

Really envy this tassel loafers!

 "Art in a Box" want to take it home? or deliver it to your doors, this impeccable Black Boxes are simply worth waiting for. A selection of colorful, nutritious and freshly made Sushis all in one Box 54 pieces worth of AED295 or upgrade it with the Black Box LUXE with more mouth-watering Sushi.

Or try The Joel Robuchon Box with delicious 6 Hawaiian Roll, 6 Crispy Lobster Spring Roll, 6 Spicy Ebi Roll & 2 Seared Scallop Sushi worth AED154 

Who will not be stunned by this gorgeous bottles, does it look like Bleu De Chanel perfume? but guys these are SushiArt Soy Sauce which absolutely taste fancy!

Indulge in the extensive menu of masterpieces with over one hundred recipes, We are treated to a symphony of flavours from authentic Japanese sushi to the best of French influences.

The Talented Chefs of SUSHIART Abu Dhabi

Sumptuous meal has finally served, absolutely "Art in a Plate" the true meaning of SUSHIART. Well presented World-Class Culinary and so mouth-watering, very artistic taste absolutely a haven! 

Wagyu* Beef Tataki Miso Sauce with Truffle, finely sliced seared wagyu beef, ginger, chives AED 140

 Salmon Tataki Yuzu Sauce seared salmon, vegetable brunoise 
AED 115

 Hawaiian Roll shrimp, basil, avocado, salmon, kiwi, yuzu mango sauce 
AED 42 

Dining in Style, together with my lookbook photographer Mark Ross, we experience the magnificent work of art of SUSHIART, we felt like we just visit a Art Gallery and went home with full tummy that made us so happy. 

Huge thanks to the gorgeous ladies of Team TOH PR Aala, Marianna and Charlie for the exclusive invitation to have a wonderful dining experience. 

The newest creation of Chef Joel Robuchon, the SPICY EBY ROLL made of shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado, purple potato chips, yuzu sauce, kosho 
AED 36

and for the desserts, mesmerize with this MOCHI chocolate & coconut ice cream wrapped in coconut milk paste 
AED 30

Indulge my self with this incredibly luscious  Chocolate Fondant.
AED 30

 I absolutely fell in love and definitely will come back for more. Dining in Style, Eat Fashion

What i wore?
crew neck shirt, watch (GUESS)
pants (H&M)
blazer, shoes (ICONIC)
pocket square (SSQUARE) 
lapel pin (ZARA)

Visit the SUSHIART The Galleria, Sowwah Square, 
Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi

800 220 

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