Wednesday, October 8, 2014


 For a guy like me who always on the go, out and about with meetings and events, I need to stay fresh and cool. Elegant, like every YSL man. Powerful, he controls the situation. Virile, he is definitely sexy. You can compare a Blogger to a rebel rider who rides his bike with unstoppable force, always on the lookout for the next exhilarating adventure, his body, his energy, his fragrance are an invitation to exaltation. Dare to take a ride. 
 As a blogger, I always make sure that in every events that i attend, i dress up, spend hours just to look great and smelling fresh is not an option "it's a must".  L'Homme Sport The  Unstoppable New Fragrance by YSL is simply impeccable. 

A MAGNETIC, FIERCE BLEND OF WOODY FRESHNESS, WITH A WAVE OF CITRUS NOTES WARMED BY A SENSUAL, AMBERY TRAIL. L’Homme Sport, the elegance of new freshness is composed of Bergamont, Cardamom, and Vetiver.
YSL L' Homme Sport comes in the same form as the predecessors, in the bottle with bright green color of liquid, which is the trend of the season and reflects optimism, positive energy and citrus waves of new editions and with a touch red for its edgy feel that accentuate the fragrance. 

Photography by Mark Ross  

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