Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Blogosphere has totally ruled by beauty & fashion bloggers, so mostly ladies especially here in UAE, but not anymore. Its time to take a notch for us Male Bloggers rises as we take the center stage and take the spotlight. Meet my Dapper Blogger Buddy of AndyScottFashion Andrew Scott, a British lad living in Dubai, he also do modeling in a freelance basis, very enthusiastic when it comes to fashion and he is an amazing soccer player and believe me this gent absolutely have great sense of style and humour all at the same time. Be sure to follow him and don't ever missed all his posts.     

  Kaizer today has evolved as a global lifestyle brand with its premium collection of handcrafted Italian leather accessories and German writing instruments. Kaizer was founded on the fundamental premise of offering their patrons products of unsurpassed quality, handmade by craftsmen with a family history of craftsmanship, spanning across three generations. 

  Every Kaizer product is as much a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, as it is an exquisite statement of taste. Even while bearing a high functionality quotient, the Kaizer collection incorporates the latest style trends and targets an untapped niche in the premium value retail segment.

Follow Andy Scott on his journey to fashion and his tricks on football

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