Thursday, October 30, 2014


 We went outer space last 28th of October to discover a new innovation, the future of shaving. As PHILIPS finally launched the new SHAVER S9000 here in the Middle East. The event was so futuristic and the sit-ups incredibly awesome, felt like we are literally in the outer space, surrounded by billion of stars. With matching led chairs for our comfort as we take off to a brand new journey and experience the future of shaving. 

“We know that men want the most advanced technology at their fingertips in every aspect of their lives and at Philips we take this very seriously,” explains Ozlem Fidanci, Vice President and General Manager, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Middle East and Turkey. “Our designers have taken innovation to a new level when developing the Philips Shaver series 9000. It is built to deliver the ultimate shave under extreme conditions and even in Zero Gravity. Thanks to the latest technological advances, men can now experience a perfect shave that leaves skin looking and feeling great.” 

PHILIPS is very well-knowned when it comes to touching lives of its consumer by making their  daily living more innovative, easier and practical, which we all love right? Especially for us guys, who suffer from bruises and cuts when shaving. PHILIPS has designed SHAVER Series 9000 with a unique contour technology, with shaving heads that flex in eight different directions to detect and follow every contour of the face, for a precise shave that gets up to 20 percent more hairs in a single pass. 

 Alejandro Massalin Marketing Director Consumer Lifestyle 
  In developing the technology behind the product, Philips partnered with pioneering commercial space travel experts, XCOR Space Expeditions to test this latest electric shaving technology in a Zero Gravity environment and find out whether men could even get a close shave in the extreme conditions of space. The result is the Philips Shaver series 9000, the most advanced shaver yet, which delivers our closest shave anywhere in the universe. 

 Spectacular space show to the next level!

 We are like invited to a new dimension by "Aliens" to discover this new innovation. 

Philips Shaver series 9000 includes V-Track precision blades, a state-of-the-art shaving system that catches and cuts even the flat lying hair effectivelyPersonal comfort settings allow men to adjust the shaver to suit their skin and hair type for optimal comfort on all parts of the face and neck, at the touch of a button, the unique SmartClean system cleans, dries, charges and lubricates the Philips Shaver series 9000, so it shaves like the first time, every time. 
Specific models feature the SmartClean system for easier and more hygienic cleaning 

Reunited with my most beloved Charlotte Smith, and massive thanks Ketchum for having us and letting us experience this out of this world event.

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