Tuesday, November 25, 2014


 After the tons of work, long hours in front of the computer and stocked in the office for the whole day, we definitely need time to chill, relax and enjoy to acoustic music & be pampered with sumptuous treat and refreshing drinks, CAFÉ M in Media One Hotel has a new concept every Monday called Unplugged & Unlimited where you will be able to choose between appetizer + the main, or the main + the dessert and unlimited drinks for 4(Four) Hours and serenade by Adam Johnson, how cool is that?
 A wide selection of beer, wines, whiskey and lot more

 Adam Johnson, Resident Guitarist 

 Last Monday, yours truly and Mark Ross tried the Unplugged & Unlimited and we absolutely had a great awesome time and definitely going to come back!

 We started with this delicious Classic Smoked Salmon with mesclun mix, quail eggs & horseradish vinaigrette 

 And for the main course we share their specialty, Café M Burger - The Ultimate, 6oz hand- packed beef patty, cooked to order, served in a whole meal multi cereal bun, topped with beef bacon, friend egg & cheddar cheese, with thin-cut fries & apple coleslaw on the side, jam-packed heavy meal for a long music Monday night
 I so hype this uber luscious Grilled "Ranch" Chiecken Breast on herbed potatoes & creamy mushroom sauce, this is absolutely amazing and a must-try 
 To complete the night we indulge ourselves to this Café M Brownie, great food, refreshing drinks and impeccable guitarist, what more can you ask for after a long tiring day at work every Monday? head to CAFÉ M and be tempted to Unplugged & Unlimited Monday Music Night 

 This gorgeous ladies will definitely make your night even more better with their sweet smiles and over the top customer service!
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