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Are you living in Abu Dhabi and looking for a remarkable place with a spectacular view of Marina Corniche Beach while having impeccable cuisines like no other, in short a remarkable fine-dining experience at its finest. Well, all your queries had been heard! as the North America's most iconic restaurant Asia De Cuba finally makes it way to UAE, the very first in the Middle East, located at the most prestigious Nation Riviera, St. Regis Hotel. 
We (The Style Choreo Team) are fascinated by the astonishing scenery of Nation Riviera has to offer, designed to blend a vibrant, upbeat atmosphere with an innovative menu featuring the brand’s signature modern Chino-Latino cuisine, and comprising distinct restaurant, lounge and beach club areas.
The brand’s cuisine is rooted in the Asian influence on Cuban food and culture from Havana's Chinatown, ‘El Barrio Chino de la Habana’, one of the oldest and largest in Latin America; by drawing on this cross-cultural influence, Asia de Cuba aims to create a style of food entirely of its own. 
World- class exterior and interior design, luxurious ambiance and stylishly modernized decorations all over are simply amazing, Who will not be stunned by this gorgeous fashionably design interior? 

Together with Mark Ross and Radz, we explore the Chino- Latino cuisines created by the Cuban-born Asia de Cuba Executive Chef, Luis Pous, and has been updated for the UAE market to represent tastes across this region, whilst staying faithful to the core of the brands DNA. The enticing variety on the menu provides intensely flavored and creatively prepared dishes.

We started from this seafood platter from the Ceviche Bar, consists of Mushroom Ceviche with ginger,jalapeńo & snow peas
Ceviche De Pescado thai chili, red onion, cilantro & plantains 
Scallop Ceviche grapefruit, aji panca & lime
Shrimp Ceviche shiso, aji amarillo & wasabi
Calamari Ceviche ginger chimichurri & crusted tomato
Hirame Sashimi sofrito crudo & mojo amarillo 

Fueled out tummies by this sumptuous salad Sweet Soy Marinated Beef Carpaccio with peanuts, pickled veggies, mango & yuzu and Chicken Chicharrones "tradicional"
Delicious Goat Cheese Fritters with mango cucumber relish & jalapeńo aioli 
Loving this Mojo Duck Confit brown rice, orange, thai basil & poached egg

A wide variety of wines and champagne that you will absolutely love!

And finally for the main entrées we had the Seven Spice roasted Chicken with sweet plantain, black bean congri, manchego and shiitake together with this tasty Seared Tuna with white bean purée, chorizo salsa, tatsoi & garlic sesame vinaigrette and with Wok'd Mushrooms aged soy, garlic & ginger 

And of course our night will never be complete without having a taste of their delectable desserts, Guava Whipped Cheesecake with coconut tuile, Thai Coconut & Lemon Grass Flan with honeydew & caramel and of course my most fave of them all the Tres Leches De Chocolate chocolate szechuan peppercorn ice cream, just satisfied my cravings.  

Guava Whipped Cheesecake
Tres Leches De Chocolate
Thai Coconut & Lemon Grass Flan

Known for its immaculate and creative interior design, the Abu Dhabi location will also welcome an environment unlike any other in the UAE’s capital. The Abu Dhabi location will be the first Asia de Cuba worldwide to provide an outdoor terrace and beach area, welcoming guests to enjoy the warm evenings and sea location. The entrance will be a soothing and sensory environment, moving through to eclectic charm in the lounge. The main dining area will be a mix of vibrant textures with sophisticated comfort, finally finishing off with a heated vibrancy on the welcomed terrace.

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