Saturday, January 24, 2015


 A week ago i hosted a event and stylish competition in collaboration with Brooks Brothers as they celebrated the grand opening of their newest flagship store in the UAE's capital biggest shopping destination, Yas Mall. During the event which was dated last 19th of January, i was dressed from top to bottom by Brooks and i brought my laptop with me which is safe and sound with my gorgeous KAIZER Wittet Croco Biz Case that completed the whole outfit. 

 Looking so sleek, dapper and smart with impeccable bag from Kaizer that carries my MacBook Air and other blogging essentials that i always use whether i am out about in meetings and events. I've been searching for this kind of bag for a long time and finally got one suitable for my exceptional style.   
 Kaizer today has evolved as a global lifestyle brand with its premium collection of handcrafted Italian leather accessories and German writing instruments. Kaizer was founded on the fundamental premise of offering their patrons products of unsurpassed quality, handmade by craftsmen with a family history of craftsmanship, spanning across three generations. 

 Every Kaizer product is as much a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, as it is an exquisite statement of taste. Even while bearing a high functionality quotient, the Kaizer collection incorporates the latest style trends and targets an untapped niche in the premium value retail segment.

What i wore: Suit, Shirt & Tie (Brooks Brothers), Bag (KAIZER), Shoes (Zara)

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