Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Marks and Spencer launch a new range of fashion spring 2015 season, and to celebrate the arrival of spring Bashmesh warm, which carries with it a refreshing breeze and bright colors. Has been transformed into a new fashion range for each of the women and men of global fashion trends, to fashion a modern suitable for work and leisure as well as they are characterized by unmatched quality and amazing prices.

The simplicity of luxury ladies clothing range to celebrate the high-end elegance, where it came from contemporary forms and elaborate designs simple and specific lines perfectly interspersed distinct editions, such as inscriptions floral oriental character and graphics abstract shapes dotted attractive, as well as sea lines. She prevailing in ladies clothing colors pointing an update on the season lineup, where she presented a new definition of the degree of warm brown color neutral, composite and blue, along with a varied menu of pink including Find a rich palette of colors for this season.
Last 25th of February at the gorgeous paradise of Meydan Beach Club a stunning set-up welcome us to showcase the impeccable spring collections of Marks & Spencer in a remarkable runway show which attended by the beautiful member of the press and some of the finest bloggers in the region. 

Yashraj of The Who and What, Nisa of NisaTiwana & Co and Sheida of SheidaFashionista 
Here are the main groups that included the fashion-Rabiah amazing lineup, which identified the approved fashion trends for this season:

70'S SUMMER OF LOVE : This group came Hebei style with editions reflect the freedom and the starting and comfortable designs, with a light touch of fashion years seventies. It seemed informal nature of the outstanding clear to wear with extras crochet, and engravings of flowers, jeans and trousers wide at the bottom, including fits perfectly with the spirit of the age.
MODERN ROMANCE : This is similar to the group romantic novel ranging from dramatic events and other Ghazlah, where he will meet the heavy lace fabric with transparent designs, including gave a vibrant mix feminine. The dominant colors are pastel pink, white and red color on the cutting distinctive clothing this group, including innovative skirts in the fashion world, which came to issue limited in pink.
 INTO THE BLUE : Cloth jeans denim highlights in this group where the form of a trend unique in itself, and created a new dimension to wear informal also introduced them Tsmamaa modified. The clothing range this best suited for fashion enthusiasts searching for new ideas in the world of fashion, ranging from jeans, consisting of one piece and the end of Pfsatin denim jeans.

STRIPES : The redesign of the classic editions in this group are lively with vibrant playful forms. Many of the unique lines were included, as were new details on the adoption of a comprehensive range where.
ORIENT :-Dominated eastern stamp on this modern collection of clothes, has been characterized by items of clothing decorated with prints and other single-color amazing pieces for exceptional views of the privilege.

And included men's fashion assortment modern range of spare uniforms and informal, which has been designed for simple and attractive appearance of the season. Was enhanced clothing informal introduction of more modern additions to the classic pieces, with a focus on minor details and specific, and wonderful textiles summer, along with bold designs with a new list of harmonious colors.
Has been updated to cut the main clothing in men's fashion assortment, with the official light summer jackets and coats classical with unique details such as zippers, buttons asymmetric. Came with simple designs and distinctive Jackets pilots light weight T-shirts with colorful shoes for the new body for this season. The main form of blue color of both formal and non-formal wear men's wear in the lineup for the spring 2015 season, starting with the terms of the diversity of marine sharp color dark blue, and the end of the light-colored jeans and denim jeans Alchambra degrees. Available denim jeans modified designs, and a complete list of denim jeans etched, with new accents and distinctive designs, including suits View informal as well as formal alike.
Embody fashion assortment spring 2015 season, the advantages of simple elegance and high quality associated with an Marks and Spencer.

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