Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Fashion and music works so well together because it is the tool to show and express yourself, and for me both is the way to show who i really am. Dressing- up is like dance choreography, everything should be synchronized. With all that being said i would like to introduce the most stylish beats, BASSBUDS in- ear headphones feature embedded Swarovski Elements and produce unrivalled sound. A true balance design and function where neither compromised due to the meticulous workmanship and unique Crystaltronics  technology. Fashion function, bling bling with that stylish beats in your ears, suitable for any kind of style with the wide range of color combinations from the Fashion Collection and Classic collection
There's a color fit for any kind of style, like this BssBuds Classic - Platinum that i can dress- up and down and give my outfit that exceptional style. With impeccable built-in Mic/MP3 Controller that is so perfect cause it automatically pauses the music that i am listening to whenever i receive a call and with a push of a button i can answer it whenever and wherever i am portering around Dubai.  

Stylish earphones at its finest!

As a blogger, i am always out and about in meetings, events and shoots and while going to different places with that spare time of traveling i don't get bored because of BassBuds, entertaining my self with the beautiful sounds it produces make we wanna dance in every beats     

 Compatible with all type of gadgets!
Your Color, Your Style get your hands or should i say ears on this stunning piece whether its from the Classic or Fashion Collection, comes with a luxury box with different set of ear buds that compliments your ears. Style and all about style and fashion that function! 
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