Monday, May 18, 2015


Impeccable Friday at The H Dubai as the uber stunning bar & restaurant Delphine launched their revamped Sparkling hollywood Brunch in style, remarkable fine dining experience in style and superb entertainment. Wide selection of sumptuous international cuisines, Royal gold chalices with free flowing champagne, Specially designed Hollywood themed desserts featuring Oscar shaped Chocolates, various flavoured popcorn and a wide selection of mouthwatering cupcakes. An interactive jazz band playing the peppiest of tunes to get all the guests up and dancing and a trolley swerving around the restaurant ensuring a freshly prepared Bloody Mary is in every hand, Vibrant Mimosa station in the Delphine Bar to give the perfect kick-start to the afternoon.

 World- class talented chefs on duty, creating the most fab delicious plate of indulgence 
 Who will not enjoy their Friday brunch with this flare of Jazzy live performance?

 Lets drink to that, my date for that day is the gorgeous blogger of Its Brown Sugar Angela 

 Indulge ourselves with this desert haven!

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Located at The H Dubai, Ground Floor

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