Sunday, June 21, 2015


In this modern age, the power of social media and technology, helping us to connect to each other and lighten up our daily activities. I am the kind of person who loves multi- tasking, always on my laptop answering emails & browsing, negotiating thru phone and updating social media all at the same time. As a blogger and having a full- time job it is necessary to be flexible and doing multiple things at once is just an ordinary scenario. 
My superb weekend staycation at Traders Hotel by Shangri- La check out the whole blogpost here>>> and i got my Huawei Talkband B2 with me to make my busy life lighter smart living, aside from a stylish gear on my wrist that tells the time, serves as a bluetooth headpiece to answer my calls, it also gives me the precise measurement of the quality and length of my sleep patterns.
A very sleek classic design that goes along in any outfits you wear, the one i have is the champagne gold hardware with brown leather strap which i absolutely adore cause it goes with my suit and tie or just casually dine out for breakfast. 

Food will never be out of your list in a day, but i need to monitor the calories in take and burn them. With Huawei Talkband B2 it helps me to track how many calories i burned and through the Mobile App it shows my fitness and health history. Smart, stylish and healthy living. 

The TalkBand B2 was designed to be people-friendly, so if you ever find yourself in the awkward position of being unable to find your phone when you know it’s nearby, your B2 has got you covered. It’s got a helpful phone finding feature that tells your phone to ring when its out of sight.

Pair your TalkBand B2 with your phone and it doubles as a remote control for your camera. Just tap the camera icon on your B2 to take a photo – great for selfies, groufies, and long exposure shots that require the camera to be perfectly still.

* This feature is only compatible with Huawei phones running EMUI 2.3 and above.

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