Friday, June 19, 2015


Are you looking for the perfect place to dine to break your fast this holy month of Ramadan, but tired of the usual Buffet scenario? Head down to my favorite Parisian Bakery & Restaurant PAUL, where you can enjoy every moment with your family and friends in style while dining to their marvelous Iftar set of menu. Known for their traditional cooking, serving fresh, nutritious cuisines that are authentic. Sumptuous French cuisines at its finest, served in gorgeous plating, refreshing drinks and very Parisian vibes welcome us together with my brothers and my lovely mom, we visit PAUL in Al Wahda Mall on the first night of Ramadan for Iftar. 

Over the top service, superb sumptuous dishes and very accommodating team that PAUL has, main reason why i keep coming back to this place, aside from the fact that i feel like I'm at home for its namesake. The ambiance, service and food is just enough to be here everyday. 
 Delicious Lentil soup and red capsicum soup and complimentary bread as usual with refreshing Jallab is the great way to start this amazing culinary journey.

Must-try nutritious dishes for healthy living, Salade quinoa et dattes and Salade d'été au pastèque et fromage 
 Are you fan of red meat or white lean meat? they have it all from beef, fish to chicken. Like this stew of beef strips with mushrooms, carrots, onion, baby corn and green French beans cooked with fresh cream and grain mustard with Saffron rice on the side called Ragoût de boeuf that my mom approved. And i tried the Ragoût de fruits de mer made of grilled salmon, cod fish and shrimps with Holland potato, fresh asparagus, cherry tomato and sea food bisque, i enjoyed it with PAUL's array of freshly baked bread. 

my brother had the mouth -watering Ragoût de poulet à la citronelle made of chicken cubes, carrot, onion, mushroom, perfumed with lemongrass and rosemary served with white rice and lemon zest
 French bread with Arabic touches, especially for the lengthen season of Ramadan

Dates éclair and raspberry panna cotta just completed our delightful night 

PAUL Al Wahda Mall A-Team (Amazing) 

 Visit the nearest PAUL Bakery & Restaurant near you and try their Ramadan Menu and like us you will absolutely love it as well and share those moments thru #PAULMoments

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