Saturday, May 28, 2016


I've been blogging for more than three years now, showcasing different styles in various places in the UAE's capital and Dubai. Wearing impeccable outfits and accessories, checking in and dining in to luxurious hotels and restaurants, with my new blogging companion the ACER Aspire R13 made it more possible to draft, edit and post while on the go. 
Aspire R 13 boasts masterfully crafted, intelligent construction and smart features that enhance work and play. Thanks to its ingenious Ezel Aero Hinge™, you can effortlessly transition between six user modes more gracefully than convertible laptop with a 360° hinge.

Acer's patented Ezel Aero Hinge™ is an innovative solution that enables graceful and efficient transition between the R13’s six user modes. With the Ezel™ hinge, you can rotate or spin to virtually any angle you desire.
Full USB 3.1 Type-C support, including Thunderbolt™ 3, allows ultra-fast transfer of power, data and hi-res display with just one port. Thunderbolt™ 3 provides up to 8X more speed than that of USB 3.0 and 4X than that of USB 3.1.

The R 13 extends 802.11ac to maximum capacity using MU-MIMO (Multi-user MIMO) wireless technology. MU-MIMO 802.11ac has up to 3 times* the performance of single-user MIMO 802.11ac wireless networking.
With the R 13 you get either a WQHD display (2560 x 1440, 220ppi) that delivers super-crisp images, or Full HD with wide viewing angles and optical clarity technology. Both feature direct bond (Zero Air Gap) screens for a bright and clear display.

With a lid encased in slim-but-strong slices of Corning® Gorilla®Glass 3 the R13 is tough yet beautiful. What’s more, Corning’s antireflective and easy-to-clean glass coating reduces screen glare while improving contrast and being very easy to clean.
With its Thunderbolt™ 3 port (USB 3.1), the R 13 can connect our optional Acer external gaming dock (or a third-party equivalent). The dock delivers a cutting-edge visual experience and boosts gaming performance.

A powerful Intel® Core™ processor in the Aspire R 13 means you get the best of both worlds – the full performance of a laptop plus the fun of a tablet in one device. Edit photos one minute, watch movies the next. Go from spreadsheets to gaming in a flash. That’s serious processing. Only with Intel Inside®.

What i really love about ACER Aspire R13 is the slickness and  matches my lifestyle as a blogger and to my full-time job as a Visual Merchandiser, with the amazing wide display i am able to effortlessly browse my window guidelines and send prompt reports smoothly, wherever and whenever i go!

What i wore: Suit (ZARA), Shirt (H&M), Slippers (Bachelor Shoes), Timepiece (Henlein Peter), Bracelets )BOXKnocks), Eyewear (MEC Eyewear) 

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