Friday, July 8, 2016


 WANTED for being coveted, craved and desired. A many-faceted word, full of nuance... Desired by women and envied by men, the new man takes chances with unswerving confidence to taunt destiny and get what he wants. He reaches what he targets, he gets what he dares to want. A man who dreamt and achieved his goals in life. As a fashion and lifestyle blogger and being one of the only few male fashion influencers in the region, to be known internationally is my biggest desire. 

 Today, the AZZARO brand expresses itself with the flamboyance of its original values embodied by a bold, generous and irresistible man, a hedonist who freely chose his own way of life: Loriz Azzaro. With "gamble, give your al and succeed" as his motto, he followed his instinct, tempted fate, and rose to the heights of creative genius with his dazzling gowns, adored by celebrities and worn by world's most alluring women.
 The new fragrance Azzaro WANTED has inherited the temperament of his charismatic man and symbolizes the brand's entrance into a new era. It expresses the strength and ambition of this project, which is to incarnate the "rebirth" of Azzaro perfumes and create a third Azzaro masculine pillar, along with Azzaro Pour Homme and Chrome. Azzaro becomes "the brand that celebrates life" to enable men and women to defy destiny, try their luck and attract desire. 

 Azzaro WANTED is not only a beautiful object of desire, with a hint of provocation that evokes taking chances, freedom and confidence. It is a solar fragrance, a woody-citrus-spicy scent that arouses desire by playing the card of mystery. 
 Who is the Azzaro WANTED man? A much-desired hero, attractive because he is totally free. Here's the recipe for a new hero in six inspirations. 
15% Seducer
30% Gambler
10% Best Bro
20% Hedonist
5% Outlaw
20% Solar
=100% WANTED
 The astonishing Azzaro WANTED bottle is a harmonious blend of style and technology, a technical marvel and an artistic breakthrough. This iconic work of art is absolutely stunning, the pistole-like body design is simply remarkable, James Bond moment everytime you hold it. A weapon of seduction. 
 The bottle is faceted by rounded geometric shapes inspired by some of the the brand's codes: like the ring, a key Azzaro identifier. A shiny totem enhanced by the combination of a chromed collar, brass bullets and the reflection of the sun-filled liquid, this provocative object is both stylish and unique, a status symbol to die for. The rotating cylinder holding the bullets evokes risk-taking, defiance and self-confidence, in obvious reference to the heroes of our childhood westerns who were masters of their own destiny. 
 This masculine shape, this calm and reassuring robustness, bring to mind strength and and power. Exacting and formal, this bottle pays tribute to the absolute triumph of virility. The gold Azzaro medallion on the cap unmistakably recalls a poker chip. Bet your life on heads or tails, win at any price: this is the leitmotif of Azzaro WANTED! The precious medallion symbolizes destiny and good fortune smiling on the one who seeks it, absolutely and madly.  

 This fragrance has everything it needs in all the right places to please men (and therefore women) and make it a timeless hit: a well-made and explosive first impression (lemon, ginger), a fleeting heart (cardamon, pyrogenic prickly juniper) and muscular, ultra- sensual base (Tonka bean, vetiver) 

 WANTED- The name of the fragrance carries an intriguing, definitive and hard-hitting punch. It refers equally to the desperadoes whose freedom we long for and to those men that women want and other men envy. This is the new word to express luxury combined with desire and freedom.

 After years of freestyle casualness, the millennial generation is bringing back the absolute fantasy of the fashionably smart man. As the symbol of this new "formal" style, the tuxedo is much less ceremonious and worn with total cool. 
Location: Jannah Burj Al Sarab, Abu Dhabi

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