Thursday, July 4, 2013

Breaktime Duty

       This will be my first look for July and starting this month I will showcase more OOTD - Outfit Of The Day cause I want to share more of my GPS - Great Personal Style. Its a Wednesday afternoon and just finished lunch, instead of just sitting around we decided to take a notch and set those lenses working.

        To start, with this look I start with my base, a low cut V-neck mustard/skin tone color and partner it with a light washed denim skinnies, to look more dapper I throw on this blazer and incorporate it with a bandana used as a pocket square, to complete the look I wore my favorite blue-soled boatshoes and for the accessories stacked bracelets and most especially to protect your eyes under the heat of the sun my bestfriend gold aviators.

Photo credit to Mark Ross Argana
What I wore?

Top (ZARA)
Blazer, Bandana/Pocket Square (H&M)

Jeans, Shoes (AEO)
ASSTD. stacked bracelets (ICONIC)
Gold Aviators (RayBan
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