Wednesday, November 27, 2013

HOGAN Atelier

Hogan celebrates Interactive, an iconic model of the brand, with a Haute Couture project named Hogan Atelier.

Ten unique models, precious as gems, hand-crafted using high quality materials and exclusive processes. An original example of custom-made tailoring with extremely high quality and value. Luminosity and brilliance are the elements that characterize this special collection.

The genuine and sophisticated manufacturing processes are inspired by distant worlds, taking cues from Greek mythology and the elements of the universe. Crystals and pearls, exquisite weaves and embroideries, the seduction of color and stardust:
All this is Hogan Atelier.

Last 26th of November in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai. Hogan Middle East invited me for a exclusive press preview of the Hogan Atelier Collection. Where I absolutely amazed about the craftsmanship of each shoes, the designs are so remarkable, luxurious presentation in the black carpet. The night is truly a spectacular event, full of glitz and glam.
Great ambiance, amazing treats are served, sumptuous canap├ęs and drinks, shoes in a plate all around the boutique.

Stunning Stephanie
with Grace Sawabini

with the President and Managing Director of ETOILE Group, Ingie Chalhoub

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