Friday, December 12, 2014


After a long day period of time portering around town, attending events and photoshoots on the side, i just wanted to stop, pause for a moment and relax - who doesn't want this kind of stuffs right? So, why not spend it in a very classy yet eclectic over the top dining experience and indulge yourself with unlimited cravings of delight. End my night at China Grill in Westin Dubai, enjoyed the evening with their massive range of world-class cuisines and refreshing drinks. 

 Started with this sumptuous Yellow Tail Shashimi with jalapeño, mango & orange- ginger marmalade and my soul literally refreshed by the watermelon & lychee mojito 

 Delicious Steamed Duack Jiaozi shrimp, long bean, shitakes & garlic chill sauce and Spicy Beef & Scallion Dumplings soy ginger sauce 

 If you are a Sushi lover this guy right here is just so impeccable! The Dragon cornichon, tempura shrimp, king crab, avocado & mango
Delightful cuisines that will surely filled up your night, delicious Confucius Chicken with sesame oil vinaigrette together with this amazing Barbecued Pulled Lamb steamed buns and Chicken & Lychee Skewers frisée salad

Brace yourself to this remarkable plate filled of satisfaction, Ponzu Grilled Chicken with sweet crispy onions & asian slaw and Szechuan Wagyu Striplion with sweet soy, spicy shallots, cilantro & potato threads and on the side are Baked Crispy Sweet Potato Chips and surprisingly Crispy Kale that taste so incredible 

Indulge ourselves with this artistic culinary dishes, picture perfect in every angle and taste like you are watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show! 

Gorgeous bartender that makes all your refreshments more refreshing with that beautiful smile

Over the top customer service and world-class hospitality, i just felt that I'm in my own house. Massive thanks to all the China Grill Team, i absolutely had the most amazing fine dining experience in style at its finest! To my amiga Marianna muchas gracias and to Brent Shaun to the warmest welcome.

My whole experience is just superb because of this amazing team who gives you their sweetest smile and remarkable service 

Modern contemporary with the mix of eclectic asian inspired interior designs, fabulous sumptuous cuisines and amazing music, impeccable night

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