Friday, March 15, 2019


SPOLIARIUM by Juan Luna 
“At the center of Luna's painting are fallen gladiators being dragged by Roman soldiers. ... A historical painting, it was made by Luna in 1884 as an entry to the prestigious Exposicion de Bellas Artes (Madrid Art Exposition, May 1884) and eventually won for him the First Gold Medal” @natmuseumph 

Back when I was a child, I only saw this Painting during my first Field Trip and the look in my eyes by that time and now is still the same. #nationalmuseumph

National Museum of the Philippines

“Art & Love are the same things; It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.” - Chuck Klosterman

When you live and breathe art, you wear art! Wearing @asos Heart & Dagger #NationalMuseumPH

Pinto Art Museum

Pintô Art Museum is an exhibition space and contemporary museum located in the Philippines’ historic pilgrimage city of Antipolo outside of Manila.  The museum was founded in 2010 to publicly exhibit the art collection of Filipino neurologist and patron of the arts, Dr. Joven Cuanang.  The museum (pintô means door in Filipino) was founded on the principle that art plays a diplomatic role in bridging distinctive nationalities, worldviews, and communities.

So enchanting and mesmerizing! 

Oil in canvas by #ArnicaAcantilado#hiddengarden 

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