Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Denim Jacket

a classic light washed Denim Jacket is a must have and essential for men and woman,it brings style and attitude in every outfit:either a simple tees,tank or shirt will definitely spiced up your look. Especially this coming summer,its not an excuse for not being stylish and outstanding and a classic denim jacket is the best essential for bringing out the best on you!

In this look my Denim Jacket is from Pull&Bear
Pull&Bear "We keep coming back here as the T-shirts are good: they cost less than lunch and look like something you've found in a vintage store."

 my top is from Braker U- I'm not really familiar with the brand. Actually i just found it in my Brother's closet. Im so in love with the pattern and mix multiple colors and by matching it with a denim jacket it turns out a really great staple style.
 the jeans that i wore is from American Eagle Outfitters 28/28 in size and i really love the fit though its slim im still loving it and the stretch is just perfect.
"There's always a rainbow after the rain" in my last blog post The Rain Starts To Fall in Abu Dhabi,UAE after a massive rain we always expect that its the sign of changing of weather its Summer Time! that's why i came out with this outfit,combining color patterns with a light washed denim jacket. The weather that day (Sunday) is very sunny and full of debris cause of the sandstorm and as what i expected,but you know me it never stops me for being stylish! this what i wore when we went to St.Joseph Church.
and to complete my outfit i throw this suede ankle boots from EK Shoes i bought it from Wear Mart Hamdan St. for only AED38 some of my shoes are from wear mart cause aside from its cheap,they having wide variety of nice collections.

stacked bracelets are so in this season its trendy and very fashionable,it will rock every outfit that you'll gonna wear. ICONIC is my favorite store to get my cool and awesome bracelets to stack up.
"One-stop wardrobe and lifestyle solutions for trendy men and women" ICONIC

Lately,i really loving this murse (messenger bag) from GUESS Fashion Function-fashionbale and very durable.
Always having fun and happy go lucky! "Keep it simple,keep it Dapper"

Photos by Mark Ross Argana

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