Sunday, April 7, 2013


Saturday night and the rain just started to fall on the street of abu dhabi and its sign that spring is almost over,heading my way home and the rain never stops but it does not hinder me for being stylish and so put together or should i say "dapper".


Dapper on the Street!

What I Wore? Eye wear & Blazer (H&M), Jeans (AEO), Murse/Men's Bag (GUESS), Suede driving shoes/loafers (EK Life) check out SimplyDapper blog about the Gucci Horse bit suede driving shoes, Stacked Bracelets (ICONIC)
the cool nerd glass that i wore is from H&M and my favorite blazer which  i got from kids section...YES! from Kids Section and i have it for almost one and half year now and to give a pop-out color i manage to make a DIY pocket square to match with my amazing loafers.
Stacking of Bracelets is a big trend this season. Beaded,braided and nylon threads that can make a statement piece in your outfit.I wore my colorful bracelets from Iconic,aside from its very cheap and affordable it is very stylish indeed i got a set of 5pcs. for only AED 15 (Iconic Al Wahda Mall Extension)
Murse or Men's Bag is a fashion function and a must have because aside from it helps you to carry your stuffs,its add texture and sort of style in every outfit. this cool canvass murse is from Guess,what i love with this bag is it has a massive compartment that gives the attitude, durability & convenience when it comes to style.

Suede orange loafers from EK Life (Wear Mart) i got this awesome shoes when i was in Kish,Iran and this coming summer its so trendy aside from it very comfortable,its so fashionable and it really pops out and gives you the Dapper Style. Check out also SimplyDapper Blog about this kind of shoes from Gucci 


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