Friday, May 30, 2014


What i wore?
suit (H&M)
pocket square (DAPPER)
t-shirt (GUESS)
shoes (ICONIC)
watch (RIMADOR)

As the temperature rises in the Middle East, I'm trying to stay away from crisp shirts and oxfords, its the time to bring out the soft cotton tees and shirts as thin as possible if you would like to pull off this kind of look, "Dapper no Stress". 

A plain white tee from Guess is just perfect you will definitely feel so comfy and fresh, pimp it up by this bespoke grey suit from H&M, accessorize with a black and white polka dot pocket square from SSQUARE and black button knot lapel for the devilish look. Making a big step heading to ZUMA with this irrevocably tassel loafers, for a guy who always on the go, Rimador black alligator timepiece is the key. 

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