Sunday, June 1, 2014

BERLUTI FATHER & SON – Generations of Elegance

Within the Berluti family, a taste for beautiful things and the “savoir faire” associated with their craft have been transmitted from generation to generation.  This sense of heritage has become one of the cornerstones of the House of Berluti. A similar sense of tradition and grace is passed on from father to son.  Style and elegance are traits often passed down from a father to his son, and Berluti handpicked some of the UAE’s most prolific gentlemen to exhibit this notion.  

Photographer John Pocock presents portraits of fathers in the company of their sons, looking the epitome of elegance in Berluti’s collections from head to toe.  Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori personally selected the looks for each of the gentlemen to his ultimate vision of the Berluti man, adapted to the gentlemen of the UAE.

The portraits will be published in Adam & Eve magazines, then printed and exhibited at Cuadro Art Gallery in DIFC on June 3rd in celebration of Father’s Day, examining the special connection between a father and his son.

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