Sunday, July 6, 2014


Hola mi amigos, mi amigas! Como hestas? Are you thinking of a best way to pamper your tummy, why not try the Mexican Way? I'm so grateful that i travel to Mexico ( thru TAQADO ) couple of days ago, thanks to DABO & CO and The Galleria for always showing their gratitude ever since.  

TAQADO is a taste of real Mexico. They're not talking about sombreros, handlebar moustaches and jumping beans, but classic Mexi-Cal cooking with authentic ingredients, just like you'd find at a sizzling street kitchen in San Fernando, California.

Taqado has a fresh approach to fast food, full of flavour not flavourings. They never want to feel guilty about what they're serving you, which is why they find the freshest ingredients, marinate their own meats and mash ripe avocados into great-tasting guacamole every morning. "Keep it real with us." - TAQADO -

Their no nonsense menu lets you put together your meal in 3 easy steps (4 steps with a side order). Choose your meal, base and toppings, spice up your life with some salsa and feel the tingle on your tongue.

Mark and I, enjoyed choosing our meal and got the chance to create our own Tacos and Burritos which i find really amazing and so mouth-watering. 


Two crispy hard shell corn tacos with your choice of meat (or vegetarian), salsa, topped with cheese or sour cream and romaine lettuce


Soft flour tortilla with your choice of meat (or vegetarian), rice, beans and salsa, topped with cheese or sour cream

Mi amigos, mi amigas you should try this sumptuous Churros Con Cajeta, filled with Dulce De Leche  Caramel and their Cinnamon Dusted Churros & Hot Chocolate Dip, super excellent! Magnifico  

I will not be the only one who will enjoy the Mexican- Cal experience, took home some Tacos, Burritos and Churros por mi Familia! Muchas gracias a TAQADO equipo excelente servicio! 

Located: South Cafe Terrace, The Galleria, Al Maryah Island
+971 2 677 0700

Sunday - Thursday 8am till 10pm
Friday - Saturday 8am till 12pm

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