Thursday, September 8, 2016


Great food are meant for sharing! Last weekend, together with my Instagrammer Friends Kieth @kiethwalter, Anjo @talesandwaves and Patrick @thatguynamedpatrick we visited FUME Downtown Dubai and try out their amazing set of menu, we also fell in love with the interior, which is very funky with mixture of vintage pieces all around. 

Fume is a hub for the community, offering exceptional and uncomplicated food from around the world with a welcoming atmosphere.

Fried Calamari with Thai chili sauce to start and Steak tartare, slow-cooked organic egg

Natural lights, camera and snap!

Followed by this Crispy duck, watermelon & cashew salad with hoisin sauce, this one is my fave!

Shoot in between! by @talesandwaves

Now it's time to dig in with this comfort foods! Hot smoked Norwegian salmon, teriyaki sauce and pickled cucumber, pulled beef brisket bun with vinegar slaw, honey & chili marinated chicken and smashed potatoes, créme fraiche, capers and veal bacon

And ofcourse! Saved the best for last, the Dessert!

Monster Shaker in chocolate and strawberry

Girls, 12 inches of pleasure, slated caramel chocolate eclair

Look at that Date & Banana pudding, custard with vanilla ice cream!

Shots by Kieth @kiethwalter, Anjo @talesandwaves and Patrick @thatguynamedpatrick

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